Title Updates and Spoilers!

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on 15 January 2016
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Update notes to Tanim Bala (Scammunition), SUA Your Face and a Teaser!

Updates to Tanim Bala:

1. The airport has hired more guards.
2. Remove bullets from bags by swiping up on them before they enter the scanner!
3. Swiping a bag with no bullet in it is considered tampering and will garner an additional “fine” from the guards.
4. High Score now visible for your games!  Compete against your friends!
5. Pausing the game will show the instruction screen

Updates to SUA Your Face:

1. Improved UI
2. Try and save Cupid from being ran-over by SUA!
3. Track your scores locally and share it to Facebook to brag about it with your friends!
4. New win screen contents!
1. Coming Soon: Practice up on your SUA Skills - a new contest will be released in March that could be lucrative to one lucky gamer!
2. Innocent citizens will be under threat of a zombie attack soon in Tanim Bala!  You'll need weapons to fight them off.. hmm look we have spare bullets we've found..
3. We're about to release our coolest title to date - a puzzle based simulation game.  Don't fall asleep at the wheel - stay tuned!