How do we keep your IP protected?

We value your privacy and product ideas. Our employees understand the need and desire for secrecy when it comes to working on your project.

Our engagements start off with mutual non-disclosure agreements delivered through a state of the art online document signing service.  Before you even reveal your ideas to us our employees have you covered.  As your ideas progress and your engagement solidifies, we'll secure our services and commitment with you through contracts that further stipulate your protections.

Internally we employ tools and repositories that are controlled by a need-to-access basis and backed up by encryption.  External connectivity is handled through VPN services backed up by 128 bit encryption.  We further defend our systems through a strict security policy for systems and connected devices within our office and retain the ability to erase and disable any of our connected devices.

Lastly, we do not share resources across projects when you seek engagements at a team / individual level.  The only time we'll have one of our employees working on multiple projects are when customers specifically request that type of limited engagement.